Amateur Filmmaking Programmes Lignano, NE Italy
You Crew. part of Reelshow International a global film student website, is a new concept in the area of filmmaking and language learning offering a ‘hands on’ experience in filmmaking, covering; pre production, shooting and post production primarily using the English Language.

The cultural association “Associazione Culturale Lignano nel terzo millennio” was founded in 1998 by a group of young professionals involved in the Lignano tourist industry. The purpose of the association is to organize events that create media visibility for this fantastic beach location; satisfy the tourists’ need of entertainment and differentiate itself through originality and continuity.

Filmmaking fascinates people of all ages, which is why You Crew has developed filmmaking progammes that give amateur film enthusiasts the chance to enjoy and learn practical filmmaking as part of a film crew.

As with every You Crew filmmaking programme, all ‘film crew members’ take turns assuming different production roles throughout filming, such as director, camera, lighting, sound.

There are 4, week long Amateur Filmmaking Programmes scheduled in Lignano this summer starting in May. All the details can be found on the activity details and on the You Crew site.

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